It’s amazing to me how the little things in life give you the biggest joy.  As everyone knows I love to crochet.  I also love to quilt.  I always considered myself a mediocre seamstress.  So I would stick to the easiest patterns etc.  I went to Hamilton, Missouri with a friend of mine.  Hamilton is considered the mecca of quilters.  My friend and I browsed for over 6 hours through 15 or so stores.  In fact this little quilt shop revamped this little 1 horse town.  Literally redid main street with nothing but a string of material stores, chock full of quilting supplies.  They also have a “Man Cave” for the hubbies to sit in leather recliners and watch sports on the big screens or play pool.

My friend talked me in to getting quilt supplies for a very cute little quilt.  So I got 3 blankets worth of supplies.  I started on the quilt 2 weeks ago, I just turned it in to the long arm quilter yesterday.  I am so proud.  Why you ask?  Well the long arm quilter, who quilts for people that enter their quilts into competitions, she complemented my quilt!  She showed me how my corners match up, she measured it and said how nice it was that my measurements match up.  I feel this nice warm feeling inside.  I am very proud of myself.  I did a quilt that looks nice, I got it done in an amount of time that’s admirable.  Making this quilt for my hubby makes me very happy.  It’s made me so happy in fact, that I’m making another day trip to Hamilton to gather some more supplies, because I want to make my grandmother a quilt for Christmas.  Something to keep her warm.

So hopefully my joy will spread and make someone else smile and have a happy day!


It’s Friday, I’m sitting at work, trying to get motivated to actually work.  Some days it’s harder than others.  It’s been a week…  I am sitting here trying to decide whether I should regale you with some of whats happened to me this week.  I mean I’m not shy, but do you really want to hear ALL  of the intimate details? I guess I will table that decision and ramble on about other stuff until I decide.

I am trying to plan out our weekend, but frankly I can’t make a decision.  I am so middle of the road today.  There is a poker run tomorrow and given the temps are supposed to be mid 80s versus the 100+ they have been this week that is sounding like a good time.  Con? I am so glad you asked, the run starts at 10 a.m. and registration starts at 8 a.m. and it’s in Blue Springs which is about 45 min ride from our house.  So the fly in the ointment? well we are late risers on the weekend and this past weekend we got up at abt 6 a.m. both days.  So the thought of doing that yet again on Saturday makes me want to skip the Poker Run…  

Given the fact the temps are going to be mid 80s or cooler on Sunday as well, that pretty much takes boating out of the running.  It’ll be too cool to hang out on the water.  I do have a list of chores that need to be tackled, plus I’d love to work on my quilts.  I have 1 in progress and 1 I want to start.  Plus I have to finish ironing a current quilt top that I need to drop off at the quilters.  On top of all of this, I’m feeling extremely guilty for not working on my crochet projects that I have in the works.  Well I did manage to get my coupon list done, so I’ll be stopping by CVS to get that done…  Ok now that I’ve taken up your time to prattle on about nothing, I encourage you to have a good time this weekend!


Oh boy, a woman talking about feelings.  I can feel the men (that don’t even read this) cringing from here.  I like the good feelings (who doesn’t right?) happiness, gratitude, contentment, love just to name a few.  People do almost anything to obtain just even 1 of these feelings.  Then you have side B, which is a reference anyone born after the 80s won’t understand, but it means on the other hand.

With the good feelings come the bad ones.  Shame, anger, hurt and many more.  For every good feeling you have, there is an opposite one.  I wonder why that is? When I’m doing my commute back and forth from work, my mind whirs along most days it’s mundane things, my to do list, laundry, cooking dinner etc.  Some days it’s fantasy thoughts (wink, wink) need I say more?  And then there are the days that my mind just seems to remember every bad choice I’ve ever made.  Every tear I’ve ever shed and every mortifying moment that can bring me to tears in the snap of a finger.  Why does my mind torture me so?   Also when I’ve upset someone close to me, a friend a family member why does my body make my stomach upset and I’m upset to the point of nausea?

While I enjoy riding the high of the “good” feelings, sometimes I wish that there was a switch to shut off or at least take a break from the “bad” ones.  A friend of mine would argue that they do and it’s called medication.  I giggle as I type this (yes I amuse myself).  Well the one thing I do tell myself is…  This too shall pass.


I know that when most people read that word they think of the bad connotation, like what guys use to bulk up.  But for those of us that have reached middle age and our bodies have seemingly turned against us, steroids are a God send.

For example, when I get muscle spasms so bad that my muscles feel like rocks and the pain is horrendous, a good dose of medicinal steroids relieves the spasm there by relieving my pain.  I hear news story after story about people becoming hooked on pain killers for the high.  I’ve never understood that because pain killers while they do relieve my pain, for the most part put me to sleep.  Frankly, I’m busy and I have stuff to do.  While I would love to sleep all day, like I did as a teenager, I don’t have the luxury any more.  So if there was going to be a prescribed drug for me to get hooked on, it’d be steroids.  My neck was spasming and I was at the point, after 3 days, of it being unbearable.  I mean I massaged my neck, iced it down, took muscle relaxers and nothing was working.  So off to Urgent Care I went.  They prescribed the steroids for which I was grateful!!!  After my 2nd dose yesterday, the spasm in my neck started to ease, which equaled pain relief.  Today I got up, came to work and I was walking down the hall, I literally had a giddy up back in my step.

I love steroids because it helps all of my daily aches and pains.  I have so much arthritis, bursitis that a good steroid pack helps it all.  So I can walk without pain and it’s glorious!  I sometimes laugh at my internal thoughts, but the thought of trying to scam steroids from the doctor instead of the pain meds everyone wants to get their hands on made me realize that I’m possibly as weird as everyone claims I am.  So needless to say I’m going to enjoy the freedom of the next week or so, until I’m done with my steroid pack.

2 inches people!

Ok remember when I said there was some crazy stuff that runs across my brain? Well I think I’ve just had the dumbest thought of all!

Well here it goes, hope your sides don’t hurt from laughing.  But you know how when you get a 6 inch sub for Subway, after you get done eating your still hungry?  Or like when you’re done with chinese food you’re hungry an hour later?  Well that’s my story…  So today when my boss and I ran out for lunch, we decided to go to Quiznos to change it up.  Well their regular sandwich is 8 inches…  Well I pigged out and I ate the whole 8 inches.

Now my tummy is miserable because of 2 inches!!!  I mean seriously if I had eaten at Subway and only ate 6 inches worth of meat and bread I’d be hungry!  Well it’s one of the mysteries of life, I guess!

Gotta love it!

I love the whole blog thing.  I just read one of the blogs of the ladies that I follow.  Her son graduated from elementary school and reading her description made me all warm and fuzzy.  It’s so wonderful reading a success story!

I also noticed that there were replies to other comments I’d made previously so I felt bad about the time lapse in my response.  But I do enjoy discussing different points of view.  My biggest concern is the lack of emotion in that’s available in text.  I censor myself because I don’t want my words to hurt because the tone with which they were typed were not the tone with which they were read.  Does that make sense?

I love to blog, I love to run my mouth and I love to express my opinions.  I love to have lively debates about different subjects, I’m realizing though how hard it is to debate without facial expressions, without tone of voice.  I hope that my comments don’t hurt anyone because that’s never my intent.  But really how often do we really intend to hurt people known or unknown?

Ah well, I will continue to blog because I enjoy it.  I will continue to debate because quite frankly I can’t keep my big mouth shut and I will continue to rejoice in the happiness of the others as I read it.


It’s 11:10 p.m. on a Saturday night.  I’ve just come upstairs and got ready for bed.  I’m laying here watching TV, hubby fell asleep in his recliner, so I covered him up, turned off the TV and the lights and now he’s peacefully snoring away.

Tomorrow is Sunday and since it’s summer, it’s now hot enough to go floating on the boat and go swimming.  Just a nice relaxing day.  But…

We ran all day today.  In fact we did the unthinkable and got up early today to go and see a truck camper for sale.  It was an hour and a half to get there from our house.  So we got up early, drove down there toured the camper, agreed on a price.  We then had to drive an hour round trip to get the deposit money.  On our way back we ate lunch and stopped and checked out some new Harleys.

By the time we got home, my friend told me she was too sick to go and get the coupons for this week.  So I jumped up and ran out to get them.  Came home and cooked dinner and then completely wilted.  In other words I sat down and immediately got tired.  So I didn’t get to do the things I had on my to do list for today…  So do I avoid relaxation by staying home and clearing off my to do list? Or do I ignore the list and go and relax for the 1 day I have with the hubby before he takes off for the week? If I ignore, will I be able to ignore the list and relax? Because frankly I couldn’t ignore it tonight…  I laid down and it bothered me enough that I got up grabbed my tablet and blogged about it.


I know that everyone out there has been stricken by a Charlie Horse at least once in life.  You’re laying there or walking somewhere and your calf just clenches so hard you feel like you could pee your pants right on the spot!

Ever since my thyroid was removed and I’m now on medication to replace those hormones I’ve been in cramp hell.  For example, I went to the bathroom and when I bent to wipe myself, the muscles across my ribs started cramping.  Just an FYI it hurts like hell.  So I spent at least 10 minutes after using the bathroom, bent over and rubbing my ribs like a crazy person trying to relieve the cramp that had seized the muscle over my ribs.  The sad part is I never know what movement I’m doing will cause a cramp.  For example, I was driving home the other night, I looked over my shoulder so I could back out of the parking spot I was in and the muscles in my neck started cramping.  So all the way home I was massaging my neck just to try and relieve the pain and possibly the cramp.

As you know my hubby and I enjoy riding our motorcycle a LOT, but even just getting on the bike will sometimes cause my hips to cramp.  So for about 10 minutes on the bike I’m whimpering and rubbing my hip trying to get the cramp to loosen so I can enjoy the ride on the motorcycle.  I could go on, but frankly I don’t want to bore you any longer.   For those out there who have the same issues I do with their thyroid meds I feel immense sympathy for you.

Role Reversal

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything.  I’ve been on vacation.  It was a wonderful 9 days that I got to spend with the hubby.  It also was hilarious!  I have to preface this with some history.  My hubby and I ride on our 2011 Harley Davidson Road King Classic.  It’s a touring bike, meant for long trips (wink, wink).  But! the passenger seat is horrible.  After about an hour of riding my ass is on fire!   It hurts so bad I’m tapping my hubby’s shoulder while yelling “Butt Break!” in his ear, so he knows to pull over so I can get off of the bike and give my aching back side a rest.  Since neither one of us really like the Road King as a bike, we’ve been discussing getting a different bike.  But honestly what kind? One that was not going to cause the same types of issues?  Unlike a test drive on a car you can’t ride a bike long enough on a “test” ride to discover what the comfort factor is.  If in fact you get to ride at all, some places won’t let you test ride the bikes because some people just shouldn’t be riding a motorcycle.

So as discussions went on and on (it’s 2017 and we’ve been discussing trading our bike in since 2011) you do the math?!?! We didn’t want to buy another bike only to hate it 2 weeks out, so what do you do? Why you rent a bike of course! We thought this was an awesome solution, cheaper than buying a new bike yet giving us the answers we were so desperately seeking.  Great solution right? Wrong!  There was no place to rent anything other than a Harley within an 8 hour drive of us!!!   We knew they rented Harley’s in Kansas City, which we later found out they don’t even rent those anymore.  But the only places we could find that would rent any other type of motorcycle was in Nashville, TN, Denver, CO and Dallas, TX.  All an 8 hour drive from our fair city.

So we planned our 1 week vacation around driving the 8 hours to Nashville, renting a bike we’d never ridden before and riding it long enough to find out whether we liked it enough to buy one.  We have friends who live outside Atlanta which was only 4 hours away from Nashville.  So that was our destination.  We rented the Honda Goldwing first.  Now I have to say as a die hard Harley enthusiast since I was little, it rubbed my Harley soul to get on said Goldwing but I grit my teeth and hopped on.  My hubby literally hung his head in shame around other Harley’s that we encountered on our trip to Atlanta, silently chanting the whole way “It’s only a rental”.  As for the ride itself I was in hog heaven (pun intended) my butt didn’t twinge the entire trip.  In fact on gas stops where previously I would’ve been jumping off the bike, I literally just sat back and waited for the hubby to get back on.  Now the hubby who normally didn’t have a word to say, who rode in complete comfort from his comfy riders seat on the front of the bike was literally according to him in hell.  The Goldwing didn’t have highway pegs for him to extend his legs, so when his knees started hurting there was nothing he could to relieve the pain.  Therefore his legs went numb from the knee down causing him to stumble at our first stop after riding for sometime on the highway.  Plus his poor back side and other bits (I won’t elaborate but will allow the use of the readers imagination) were in agony.  It was such a role reversal that I literally laughed out loud.  At which point I felt bad because I knew the pain he had to be feeling.  So while I tried to be sympathetic I was quite enjoying my first pain free ride on a long trip!!! So despite the shame at hearing the bike sound like an angry mosquito when my hubby revved the engine, I enjoyed the state of my butt when I got off the bike…

We also rented an Indian Roadmaster, while not as comfy as the Goldwing it was closer to a Harley so it didn’t hurt as bad to ride.  It wasn’t as comfy as the Goldwing, but way comfier than the Harley.  But again my hubby was a butt hurt and that’s literally not the slang meaning of today.  So while he liked neither of the bikes, I was in love and disappointment.  We have 1 more bike that we want to try and that’s a Harley Road Glide Ultra, we thought we’d be able to rent locally but now in order to ride one of those we will have to make a 3 hour trip to get to a rental place…

I will have to update you on that rental once it takes place, keep your fingers crossed.

I don’t know.

I don’t know why I’m choosing today to write.  I haven’t written in a few days, no reason just nothing rolling around my gray matter that needed to be shared.  But today doesn’t make sense.  I have a headache that is killing me, my knee is in agony I can’t walk and I think I’m getting sick.  All the while I’m sitting at my desk squinting at my monitor to try and get some work done.

I’ve been thinking about topics to write about but can’t seem to pull them together.  I was literally blogging to myself in the shower the other day.  I was thinking about being censored.  How I am doing it to myself.  For instance, I try not to cuss in my writing.  Why? you ask, well I don’t know.  I mean I cuss like a sailor when I speak so why not when I write?   Also in this day and age of social media I try not to fall into the abbreviations we all seem to use on a daily basis, such as LOL, IDK etc…  Which honestly is horribly hard given that I write LOL a LOT during the day as I text back and forth with all of my friends and family.

I still find myself following the typing rules I learned in high school, which I was horrified to learn, was 25 years ago.  I space twice after a period, once after a comma.  I type the word “and” instead of using “&”.  It’s little things like that, that I cling to.  So am I censuring myself?

Well one good thing, I’m leaving work early for a doctor’s appointment hopefully he will make my knee feel better!  Fingers crossed.