The search continues…

It’s amazing to me how you come up with a simple idea and try to execute it, only to find out it’s way more complicated than you ever thought it could be.  Here is my idea, my husband likes to spend time at the lake during the summer.  In previous years we would move our RV up to the lake & stay there for the summer.  Now for me that presents a longer drive to and from work.  Also because it is NOT full hook ups, I have to empty and cart the portable poop tank back and forth from the dump station.  Not to mention that it’s more expensive even without the full hook ups.  So my idea was to stay in our current spot in town and get a truck camper (you know those campers that fit in the bed of your truck) and use that to camp at the lake on the weekends, should we choose to.

Well come to find out there are NO dealers in the Kansas City area.  Also the used campers we find online are outrageous in price, yet despite this fact, are selling faster then we can even reach out to the people selling them!!!  So I’m reduced to checking and on a daily basis to find a unit that we can afford, because we refuse to pay full price for a new one!  What I thought was a cheap alternative to a tent, is an expensive side hobby!!!

A brand new truck camper ranges from $19,000 on the cheap end to $55,000 on the high end…  I mean seriously???  For that kind of money you can buy a travel trailer or a 5th wheel for that matter!!!  At one point I found a great camper on Craigs List, emailed the hubby and by the time he looked at his email 3 hours later, it was already gone! In fact today I looked at RV Trader, sent an email requesting a price quote and the unit has already been sold (sigh) so the search continues!!!

How was your weekend?

I don’t have anything interesting to write about today.  No profound thoughts bouncing around in my head.  Nothing funny or even remotely interesting.  Hell even my weekend was a total snooze fest.  My vision goes through phases where it’s completely blurry no matter where I look and then other days it’s nice and crisp.  Well this weekend was nice and blurry so that didn’t help at all.

Me and the hubby love sleeping in on the weekends, but lately we’ve taken it to another level.  We usually don’t get up till noon at the earliest 1 or 2 in the afternoon at the latest.  This is both Saturday and Sunday.  I mean I know our weeks are busy and we are exhausted after a busy week, but seriously? In the past we would usually be up around 10 or 11 in the morning and that was good enough but now? Well who knows if it’s just winter blues, full blown depression or just shear exhaustion?

Saturday we went to my step sons house and brewed beer.  Or my hubby and step son did, I sat in his bachelor pad living room and crocheted while watching TV.  When in all honesty I just wanted to dust his furniture, vacuum the carpet and clean the bathroom.  I made a casual comment to this effect and my hubby looked at me and said no.  He can clean his own house (sigh).

Sunday we didn’t get up till 1 p.m. I then made breakfast (yes I know) and started laundry.  I puttered around the house doing a chore here and there, only to resume my seat in the recliner and watch a movie I’d popped in.  Then all of the sudden hubby stands up and says lets go ride the bike.  So I got up we both got dressed and headed out.  That’s the extent of my weekend.  Who knew?

Hello to my peeps…

Hallelujah!  It’s Friday and I’m so happy about that.  Despite the fact I had to look up how to spell hallelujah and I’m on day 5 of a headache from hell, I’m happy the weekend is almost here.

Today is Revenge of the 5th.  Yes I’m a Star Wars fan, I sent out the appropriate May the 4th be with you memes yesterday.  I watched the Empire Strikes Back in honor of Star Wars Day and today I’m ignoring Cinco De Mayo in favor of Revenge of the 5th.  Mainly because I ate Mexican food last night so…

It’s been a long hard week, I’ve written about some of it already so I won’t bore you with the details, but it hasn’t gotten any better.  As I said, I am 5 days into a migraine/headache that won’t go away.  My back is spasming like crazy, even went to the chiropractor last night and woke up this morning only to have a nice quick spasm as I was getting ready for work.

I keep asking my boss to shoot me, she laughs thinking I’m joking but at this point I’m being serious.  Just put me out of my misery, wouldn’t that be an act of mercy? It’s supposed to be a nice weekend, so I’m hoping me and the hubby can get out and do something, although what I don’t know.  Of course between his gout flaring up, my feeling like death warmed over we haven’t done much.  Exhaustion is a bitch!

Happy Friday!  Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Happy Revenge of the 5th! I think I’ve covered all the bases.


via Daily Prompt: Yarn

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post on the daily prompt, but since it’s yarn I couldn’t resist.  I LOVE YARN! I crochet so I use and have a LOT of yarn.  There are endless amount of colors and types and feels.  My favorite is baby alpaca yarn.  It comes in a rainbow of colors and I love the feel of it.  It’s so soft!!!

I have found a couple of specialty yarn stores here in KC and in Rogers, AR.  I love going and gazing upon row after row of nothing but beautiful soft yarn.  I love gazing at it, I love touching it…  I love picking up different skeins and hanks and dreaming of the items that I would love to make out of it.  As I gaze off into the distance and visions of crocheted goods dance in my head.  Go feed your yarn addiction today, luckily it’s an addiction that doesn’t require an intervention.

I’ve had a day & it’s only lunch

Ok boys and girls it’s a Tuesday.  Nothing exciting about this right? It’s not a Monday, so not the beginning of a week, which we all view as horrible.  It’s not Friday so there is not that little spark of anticipation that happens when you know it’s the end of the week.  Nope, it’s only Tuesday so you’d think the events of today would be as boring as the day of the week that it happened on.

I managed to get up and get ready with little happening, so I anticipated it to be a nice, quiet day.  Oh how wrong I was.

It started off with a call to On-Star on behalf of my 84 year old Grandmother.  She recently purchased a new to her car.  Her old one having died an ungracious death.  She bought a 2011 Cadillac CTS because she refuses to drive anything other than a Cadillac.  Said Cadillac comes with 90 days of unlimited On-Star services, so I sit down in the car to activate service for her.  30 minutes later, service has NOT been activated, so I assure her I will call the toll free number to remedy the situation.  I get on the phone and proceed to tell the operator I need to speak with someone about activating the account.  After being transferred around and put on hold for no less than 15 minutes I get a lady who proceeds to read the instructions to me that I’ve been following for 30 minutes with out success.  I nastily let her know that repeating the same steps for at least 30 minutes did not end in activation like she assures me that it would.  Her only trouble shooting tip was to drive the car around for a mile or so and try again.  Gee thanks, next time I’m at my Grandmother’s I’ll try that…  So I give up on that for the moment.  I then ask to be transferred back to customer service because I need to ask about the basic pricing on the various plans that are offered.  She can’t find my grandmother’s account so she is unable to transfer me.  I’m flabbergasted at this point, I mean seriously? They have my grandmother’s information I’m literally staring at the card your company sent with her name and type of car she’s purchased.  But yet you can’t transfer me to answer basic questions? I literally scream at her “You don’t want my money?” She proceeds to give me the pricing information I’m looking for and I hang up assuring her I’ll drive around before hitting the On-Star button again.

So than I start some tedious paperwork, as I’m sitting at my desk processing the mind numbing paperwork I have to do, my lower abdominal region starts to gurgle…  A little painful signal that I need to make my way to the restroom.  But I only have like 2 maybe 3 more pages and my task will be complete.  I’m thinking it’ll be ok, I can hold it till then…  My body starts clenching together as the pain becomes more intense.  I’m thinking now hmmm it’s only a little gas I can let a little eek out, I turn on my fan so no one in my vicinity has to suffer and I trust that rumbling just needs a pressure release a.k.a a fart and I’ll be good to complete my task.  Then I can rush to the restroom and take care of business.  Oh, how I wrong I was.  I didn’t have a disaster of epic proportions but still I should NOT have trusted what I thought was a fart.

This portion of the morning is a two parter.  I completed my task (thank goodness) then I rushed to the restroom where I discovered my first mistake.  I will spare you the details because frankly I’m not that cruel to the populace at large.  But I will interject as I was I standing up in the stall, pulling up my pants, I hear a click and watch with horror as my ID badge for work sails through the air and lands with a plop into the toilet that had not been flushed yet.  Again I will spare you the gory details but my badge was rescued and washed in the sink.

Now most of you would think that would be the highlight of the day.  But wait there’s more!  Last night I had dinner with friends at Olive Garden, so I brought home left overs of lasagna and bread sticks.  Which I in turn brought in for lunch.  See I’m being budget and food conscious.  I’m rather proud (wink, wink).  Along with our public microwave in our office we also have a toaster oven, which I thought since they provide a bag to heat up your breadsticks would be an awesome combo.  Again how wrong I was.  I heat up my lasagna and my breadsticks are heating up as well.  I hear the ding of the toaster oven so I head that way.  I open the door and see the bag containing my yeasty goodness is all brown and in fact a whole section is black!!!  Then the burnt smell hits me, apparently the bag had been touching the heating coils and were just a few seconds away from catching on fire!!! So now my breaksticks are icky and there is a horrendous burnt smell wafting through the office (sigh).  At first I think phew nothing else could possibly happen today, then I realize it’s only lunch time…  So please pray for me, that I make it though the rest of today without incident.


Here lately I seem to cry at the drop of a hat.  I was just reading a book, it’s part of a series that I absolutely love.  I’ve read the series several times, yes it’s that good.  It’s got sad parts in the books, but nothing gut wrenching…  I’ve never cried before yet today as I was reading on my lunch, I came to a part that today made me tear up.

It made me think about the last couple of weeks.  If I’m watching a TV show or a movie, I see a remotely sad part or someone tear up on screen or in print it automatically triggers my tears.  I’m not pregnant (thank goodness) and I haven’t hit menopause yet (I don’t think) so what other reason could there be?

My life is stressful, but frankly the stress level isn’t all that high right now.  I am upset about my grandmother (she has lung cancer) but it’s hormonal so per the doctor treatment should be very successful.  I miss my son (for reasons I can’t blog about) but other than that things are pretty normal in my life right now.  Although as I type that it makes think what one would consider normal?

I work with crazy people, a couple I adore and a couple I hate.  Which that causes me upset because I don’t want to “hate” people to me life is short and that’s harsh.  But this person deserves the “hate”.  I try to keep it to myself because I don’t like hating anyone and frankly since I have to spend 40 hours a week with this person it makes my life easier to “fake till I make it”.

But anyway hopefully the tears will take a break, because what little makeup I manage to apply in the morning needs to stay put.


I was thinking about milestones this weekend.  Nothing in particular, just the basic run of the mill stuff.  The age milestones: 16 for your drivers license, 18 and graduation and voting.  Then the major one 21 so you can legally drink (wink, wink).  After 21 the age milestones get a little longer and less important.  30 and then the big 50 the half century mark…

Then there are the non age related milestones: Graduation, marriage, children, retirement…  then what? My husband and I are at a point where we don’t have many milestones left to hit and/or look forward to.  Now the hubby is getting ready to turn the big 5-0!   Of course if he has his way, he ignores his birthday so I’m not sure what pointing out that he’s 50 will do to help convince him to let me celebrate this one.

We are middle aged, empty nesters working the last few years so we can retire.  Uncle Sam is taking a bite out of our asses for this at the moment, so that particularly hurts but again I ask what next? I am generally a positive person (at least I try) and this particular thought isn’t bringing me down, but having hit the majority of my milestones I wonder what I’ll have to look forward to? My mind tends to lean toward the morbid, I do have to work some to be positive.  Or at the minimum I try and find a silver a lining to hold on to, because being down, upset or in general not happy makes my stomach hurt.

Right now I’m working on life to get to retirement.  Once we retire the hubby and I plan to live like nomads in our RV.  Doing the work camp thing for funds to supplement our pension.  But that’s 9 years away and once we hit that milestone of retirement will us being nomads be enough?  Are our lives that hinged on milestones? Just makes me wonder.

What would you do?

Just watched an episode of an old sitcom.  One part of the episode was the age old, money appears in your bank account several thousand dollars and no one knows but you.  The character withdrew the money, but was so guilt ridden he returned the money to the bank.  I always wonder what would I do in situations like that.  Would I return the money? Or would I spend and chuckle at pulling the wool over the eyes of the “man”?

Like the rest of America I watch a LOT of TV, movies especially.  I always put myself in the situations and wonder what I would do…  The hubby and I were watching The Walking Dead, I looked over at the hubby and asked, would we be one of the survivors? or one of the walking dead trying to eat the survivors…  He looks at me rolls his eyes and says “We’d be the first ones dead and trying to eat everyone else.”  Of course my fatalistic husband says that about everything.

We’ve watched movies from the 1600’s etc…  I ask would we be surfs? Or Royalty? He again rolls his eyes, “We would be surfs of course.” So I always wonder what would you do if some of the TV scenarios and/or movie scenarios happened to you in real life? Would you keep or spend the money? Would you steal the money just because you could? Would you pick up and leave? The list is never ending, but I still always wonder…

What is your dream job?

I’m 43 years old.  I have 2 associates degrees.  One is in General Business the other is in Network Securities.  Yet I’m working at the phone company as a billing specialist for major business accounts across the country.  I’ve been at the phone company for 21 years now.  In fact the phone company is the one who paid for my education, yet they don’t use it.  That fact has always amused me greatly.

I’ve read several articles that state as an adult I will change my career 7 times over the course of my lifetime.  I don’t think I fit in that statistic.  My job is easily transferable overseas.  I’ve lived in fear for most of my adult life that my job will be outsourced.  I’ve often dreamed of changing jobs to something more service related that will not be as easily transferred overseas.  But what?  What about cutting hair? But the cost of that is high!!! Also location wise none of the schools are in proximity to me so…  I’ve already went to college twice, do I really want to go again? But if I want to change my career like statistics say I should I’d have to…  I don’t want to work as a Walmart greeter so…

Actually I was thinking I’d like to be a movie critic, but then I’d have to see movies I don’t want to see.  I’ve often thought of being a nurse because I do love helping people, but I just don’t have the stomach for things that bleed and go squish.  I’m more of a beep and click type person, hence the degree in Network Securities.

My husband changes jobs and it fascinates me.  When we met he had just started at a company and last year 8 years later he changed companies again.  It scared me just to think about it.  I wasn’t even changing jobs and I was more nervous than he was.  That made me laugh too.

I’ve always wanted to turn my hobbies into a money making career, but frankly I don’t work at a speed that would allow me to do that.  I love to sew and crochet and I know of people that are making a living at it, but I don’t think I would be able to, because I don’t have the speed and agility that would allow me to.

Oh well, guess I’ll keep on thinking.


I was sitting here at work, slowly but surely getting things done.  Setting up the days to do lists in my head, listening to the radio.  As all this was going on, I suddenly was overtaken by a wave of tired contentment.

You know that feeling the flows out from the center of yourself?  It’s not a BIG feeling, it’s just a feeling of warmth that spreads out through your limbs.  You sigh and feel like you need a nap.  It’s just a nice, warm and cuddly feeling.  I am really digging this feeling this morning because for whatever reason I’ve been a little anxious and on edge since last night.  No major reason for the anxiety it just sometimes over takes me, but then it stops and I get this feeling that I need a nap.  While it’s not convenient the need to nap takes place while I’m sitting at my desk at work, but hey it’s better then stomach clenching nausea and worry.

I do get to leave a couple of hours early today, got a chiropractor appointment and get to drop of taxes.   Nothing like waiting till the last minute, but at least I’m not late (wink, wink).  I was discussing taxes with the hubby last night and we are wondering what we can do about them.  For most of my 20s and 30s I have always gotten a refund.  But having said that my children were little and living at home, now we don’t get the child credit anymore, we have no dependents living at home…  Hell we no longer own a house, we do own our RV, which we do get to deduct the interest but…  Sigh, the last couple of years we’ve mainly owed the IRS.  I mean seriously? We aren’t rich by any stretch, we aren’t poor either, but we are still living paycheck to paycheck so…  I don’t understand why we owe.  We’ve taken steps for the last 3 years to change stuff but still…