I’m a middle aged woman and sadly things aren’t working quite like they used to.   Even 10 short years ago (insert laughter here) my body was working better and more efficiently than it does now.  Back in my 20’s I could go out with friends, drink till the wee hours, come home get an hour or two worth of sleep, bounce right up and go to work the next morning.  Now I drink till I get a buzz or worse get full on drunk and I’m hungover for at least 3 days.  As the kids say WTH?

As a middle aged woman, I’ve also been pregnant twice and had 2 lovely children.  Sadly that act while coveted by many and considered a beautiful part of life, tears your body up!  My daughter for instance back in her teens and I was in my 30’s walked into my bathroom where I was just finishing up my shower.  She looks at my naked chest and says “Mom, you should get a boob job, they are hanging kind of low.”   I started laughing and replied “You did this to me so you should pay for the boob job, also can’t wait till you have kids because then you will realize my pain.” She shook her head and left the room.

Fast forward 10 years…  My daughter is now an adult and mother of 2 beautiful girls.  At which point she says to me “Mom, my boobs are non existent! These girls ruined my body!” I couldn’t help myself, I burst out laughing and reminded her of the bathroom conversation from years ago.  She smiled and apologized.

Back to the subject at hand, it’s nearing the end of summer and I’ve spent the morning at work sneezing my butt off…  And toward the end of the sneeze fest, they were getting pretty hard and then the worst started happening.  I sneezed and at the same time peed a little.  I was like WHAT?!?!? This is what life has come to? I pee when I sneeze? One just has to wonder what is going to break down next? It’s almost like a watching a movie, waiting to see what goes next?


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