Eating healthy?

First off why does such a phrase as “eating healthy” even exist? I know I’ve stated it before that I’m fat and I am, but how did I get this way? I know some of it’s genetics and my health.  The majority of it is what I eat.  I love soda, sweets, carbs, meat and potatoes…  Anything that tastes yummy and that I crave contains a ton of stuff that I don’t need.  WHY?

The hubby and I have had numerous conversations about why eating healthy is so much harder and more expensive than eating crap.  You would think that fresh fruits and vegetables would be cheaper than something that was processed and packaged.  Right? I mean there are no factories needed to process anything on the fresh side right? Most fruits aren’t packaged so no cost there right? I know we are being naive and probably dense about the whole food packaging process but still, basic common sense would tell you that if I pick an apple off of a tree and drive it to a store and sell it????  Isn’t that cheaper than picking said apple, taking it to a factory where it has to run through a bunch of machines that will wash it, skin it, cut it up and put it into something else.  Then ship it to another plant where it’s put into a card board box of some kind.

I wonder why the yummy stuff is cheaper and so much worse for you than say fruit and vegetables? I want to eat healthier, my husband is always on my back to eat healthier.  But frankly he doesn’t get how hard it is to cook for 1 person.  He also doesn’t want to understand how much more work goes into prepping fresh everything, not to mention how much more money it will cost to do that.  Plus I don’t want to go to the store every other day? Who does?  I’ve also seen information about the salads that you buy when you are out and how they have more sugar and/or carbs in it than something prepared at home…  How is that possible? I mean if you are using the same fresh ingredients? (sigh) I just wish that I could make a carrot stick and cucumber slice taste as good as say a bowl of ice cream and/or a piece of pizza.


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