Lazy days…

It’s Tuesday.  Nothing exciting about that.  I just got home.  It’s been an eventful afternoon.  I had a dentist appointment and then I went to a doctors appointment.  On the way home I stopped and had my car cleaned.  Aren’t you impressed?

I get home, I put my comfy clothes on and I’m sitting in the recliner watching America’s Got Talent and writing in my blog.  What I should be doing you ask? Well the carpets need to be vacuumed and I need to make dinner and sew on my granddaughters quilt.  Also the kitchen floor badly needs to be mopped.

I’m glad my back is finally calming down.  I went to the ortho doc last Thursday to get a steroid shot in my hip.  Usually it makes my hip pain stop and I get a couple of weeks worth of pain relief.  For whatever reason this time that’s not how it worked.  I got my shot and my hip and back started hurting.  Then by Saturday it really hurt, woke up Sunday morning and I could barely walk because of the pain.  On Monday my back hurt a little less but still was very difficult to walk.  Had chores to do last night but back hurt so bad, but I did manage to get the dishes done and dinner made.  Also got a couple of loads of laundry done.

Well tonight after the dentist and the doctor I am now sitting at home, knowing that I need to get stuff done and not really wanting to.  So wish me luck!


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