How old am I?

Well today was your standard day in the life of a middle aged wife and mother.  I got up just as tired as when I went to bed.  Got ready for work and dragged my tired butt through the humid and hot air.  Then I left work early to go to the doctor and get a shot in my hip.  I have bursitis and arthritis.  I have to get steroid shots and/or cortisone shots for inflammation and pain.

Then I ran some errands, 1 of which included dropping off a quilt top that I sewed for my Grandmother.  My Grandmother has been battling lung cancer the last few months.  On the one hand, great news, she beat lung cancer.  She is officially in remission, of which I’m very, very thankful.  I made this quilt for her because I wanted to give her something I made from the heart, to help keep her warm.  After I dropped the quilt top off at the long arm quilter I came home and dropped into the recliner.  After dinner I finished cutting up the material for my granddaughters quilt.  I then put on a movie and started sewing.  I love to sew and crochet.  I love making things for the people I love.  What I find funny is that if I start to make something for myself I feel guilty about it.  My hubby always tells me that when he cooks for me, it makes him feel good to see someone that he loves enjoy the food he made.  I feel the same way about the stuff I make.  It makes me feel good to see people covering up with a blanket that I’ve made, or wear a hat I’ve crocheted.

I wonder why I feel compelled to make stuff? Or more specifically I like making stuff for people? I mean I have a friend that always tells me that she’s not a “crafty” person so she tolerates my gushing about some yarn and/or fabric I’ve picked up and what I’m going to make with it.

Ugh I’m sitting here, exhausted, in pain and sneezing my butt off.  When I came upstairs I intended to go to bed early…  But instead I’m trying to coral my thoughts and make some sort of sense in this blog.  I can’t believe I’ve fallen off of the blog wagon lately.  Hadn’t had much to say or at least anything interesting to say.

Ok I’m done babbling, at least for now.


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