Boring, boring, boring…

How’s your summer going? Are you getting out there and doing fun stuff? Making memories with friends and family that you’ll be able to look back on and smile? I hope so because I’m not…  It’s been a boring, hot as hell summer…

Well the AC in our bedroom broke days before the hottest week of the entire year.  So basically I was living in a sweat box, sleeping on an air mattress on our pull out sofa.  Jealous? I know right? I’ve been quilting like no one’s business, I’ve already got 2 quilts at the long arm quilters, almost got 3rd one completed and ready to go.  I’ve been crocheting too, although not as much because I’ve been sewing.

I’m trying to get the camper organized but that’s slow going, especially because I haven’t been in the camper much due to the heat.  I’m at work and my mind is bouncing all over like a little red rubber ball that’s been unleashed.  I am not looking forward to anything I’m so totally blah today.  I haven’t even blogged recently because frankly there was nothing interesting going on.  I did notice however the past 2 blogs I’ve managed to write have been about, wait for it, the heat! I try not to repeat myself but apparently I complained 2 times in a row about the same thing.  See? Boring!

Wait I do have some great news!  My Grandmother had lung cancer, she was admitted to the hospital because the symptoms from the chemo were out of control.  They did some tests and 1 of them was a CT of her chest, which upon closer inspection revealed that her lung cancer has gone!  She’s in remission.  We couldn’t be happier!

Well I have at least 1 thing that’s good about this summer.


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