Have I mentioned before how much I hate extreme heat? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a nice, warm summer day.  But what I don’t enjoy is that thing called a heat index…  It shoots the feel like temperature above the 100 degree mark.  Which in turn makes my feet swell like a water balloon.  I also don’t enjoy burning the back of my legs on my car seat.  I don’t enjoy sticking to my recliner because the AC unit in my camper has conked out.  Well one of them at least so the 1 remaining isn’t able to keep the camper cool!

I’ve been sleeping on my pull out sofa, of course after one night I had to put an air mattress on the pull out part because frankly my middle aged back couldn’t take the metal support bars.  To add insult to injury the temperature has now risen!  Yes you heard me correctly the temp continues to rise.  So last night I was sitting in a camper that was almost 90 degrees on the inside.  It was even hotter and more humid outside if you can believe it.  Now keep in mind, I’ve got 1 AC unit running, 2 huge fans at each end of the camper and the only thing I can do at this point is pray for the sun to go down so it will hopefully cool off…  Of course right now the lows are only dipping into the low 80’s at night!

So I’m sorry to say this may be my last entry…  This heat may have caused me to melt (insert maniacal laughter here) please anyone out there reading this pray for a cold front to hit the Midwest! Thank you!


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