The weather?

Who hasn’t complained about the weather? It’s too hot!  It’s too cold! I only like the spring, I only like the fall…  Seasons we only get for about a week at a time.  I also find it funny that during the hottest week of the year, your AC breaks.  As soon as the temps fall below freezing your furnace goes out.  WHY?????

I know there are logical explanations of all this but frankly who cares? It won’t make the situation better and who wants to be well informed when your grumpy because your sitting in a hot box, not sleeping and sweating in places you forgot you had?

Here in the Midwest we’ve had the hottest week so far this year.  Our highs have been over 100 degrees not including humidity, and the lows aren’t dropping below 80 degrees so…  That’s when the AC in my bedroom decides to start acting funny and not running like it should.  One of the drawbacks to living in an RV is during days like this the small metal box I live in becomes a microwave!  Of course this only happens when my husband is out of town for the week.  So he’s not home to look at the bedroom AC.  I slept on the pull out bed in the living room last night, not comfy!

I’m tired, grumpy and because of the heat my legs and feet are swollen to the point of numbness…  Well back to work so I can watch my feet swell bigger because of sitting in my office (when did I get old?)


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