Just an update.

You know sometimes you just need to list out the events of your day, or week, etc…  My hubby laughs at me because I will give him a run down of the chores I’ve done in a day.  For instance I will sit there look at him, hand in the air counting off the stuff I’ve done on my fingers.  #1 I cleaned the kitchen, #2 I’ve done the laundry, #3 cleaned the bathroom…  Now I won’t mention the fact, he’s been present as I’ve done these things, he’s fully aware of the things that I’ve gotten done that day, but still yet I feel the need to speak this list out loud to his face and expect some form of acknowledgment from him.  God love him, he humors me and smiles and acknowledges my hard work.  Some days even he doesn’t have the patience, at which point he’ll look at me and say “I know, you don’t need to list it off for me.”  Like this stops me? Um, no! I will laugh, look at him with the “evil eye” and keep listing.

So this what I feel like doing on my blog today…  This week has been wonky because of the holiday smack dab in the middle of the week (which I personally hate!) Sunday I spent the better part of the day running errands for my Grandmother then bringing her home from the hospital.  She’s going through chemo and its taking a terrible toll on her.  Last week she wasn’t breathing too well, so my aunt took her to the ER at which point they ran tests on her & admitted her because her oxygen sats were in the 80s and her legs were so swollen her skin was splitting open.  My Grandmother isn’t a large woman, she’s 4′ 8″ and a little over 100 pounds.  So her legs getting that swollen was very alarming.  She’s also very independent and stubborn, so getting her to the ER was a chore in and of itself.  Needless to say they did manage to get some of the fluid off her and her breathing improved, but she still needs oxygen as she moves around.  This did NOT sit well with her at all.  She’s very independent and she runs around more than I do.  So she’s been chomping at the bit about being at home.

Yesterday she had a doctor appointment, but my aunt finally got home from her trip so she took her, which was good because I had my yearly cancer check up and endocronologist appointment myself.  I had to have blood drawn, nothing new there…  The downside is I have rolling veins, so getting blood out of me on a good day is trial.  But yesterday I was in blood draw hell!  They couldn’t get blood out of me to save their lives! It took 2 techs, 5 tries!!!  I looked like a pin cushion by the time they got done!

Well I seem to have run out of steam trying to make my accomplishment list, so I guess I should get to work and get through this Friday as quickly as possible so I can go home and enjoy the weekend with my hubby.


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