Ok boys and girls I’m going to talk about sex.  Don’t worry I’m not writing an erotic novel here in my blog (wink, wink) but I am talking about female, male sex drives and the difference between the 2.

Now in our school health classes we were taught that boys go through their sexual peak in the years between 18-20.  While girls go through their sexual peak in their 40’s.  Whose idea was this? I mean when in my 20s I was eager for sex.  I know that not all girls are  sexually excited at that point in their lives.  I believe it’s because they are shy and unsure of their bodies and of themselves.  Not all girls, just most.  While boys are led by their penis’.

The point of this rant? Well I’m in my early 40’s and my sex drive is like a Nascar at top speed!  My poor husband just wants a nice night where he can lay back and relax.  Instead I’m darn near vibrating waiting for sex.  In my husbands defense he travels a LOT for his job, so when he gets home he’s tired and just wants to vegitate in his recliner, while I on the other hand desperately want him to get up and perform his husband duties…  I know that NO means NO and I respect that, but frankly some days I’d love to just throw him down and attack him.  Yes I believe my husband is that sexy (wink, wink).  Otherwise I try and respect his wishes.  It’s very hard though and sometimes I find myself making snarky comments because I’m feeling the denial.

I find it ironic that in the media it’s the wives that are made out to be the great deniers of sex, when in reality we are at our sexual peak at this age and the hubbies testosterone level is on a downward spiral.  I think it’s funny in marriage that the sexual power starts out with the man and the changes over to the woman.

Honestly I haven’t been able to get the hubby to give it up in a while, hence the reason for this entry.  I hope this doesn’t end being TMI but I couldn’t help myself.  Just remember if you are sitting a desert (wink, wink) remember you are NOT alone!


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