It’s amazing to me how the little things in life give you the biggest joy.  As everyone knows I love to crochet.  I also love to quilt.  I always considered myself a mediocre seamstress.  So I would stick to the easiest patterns etc.  I went to Hamilton, Missouri with a friend of mine.  Hamilton is considered the mecca of quilters.  My friend and I browsed for over 6 hours through 15 or so stores.  In fact this little quilt shop revamped this little 1 horse town.  Literally redid main street with nothing but a string of material stores, chock full of quilting supplies.  They also have a “Man Cave” for the hubbies to sit in leather recliners and watch sports on the big screens or play pool.

My friend talked me in to getting quilt supplies for a very cute little quilt.  So I got 3 blankets worth of supplies.  I started on the quilt 2 weeks ago, I just turned it in to the long arm quilter yesterday.  I am so proud.  Why you ask?  Well the long arm quilter, who quilts for people that enter their quilts into competitions, she complemented my quilt!  She showed me how my corners match up, she measured it and said how nice it was that my measurements match up.  I feel this nice warm feeling inside.  I am very proud of myself.  I did a quilt that looks nice, I got it done in an amount of time that’s admirable.  Making this quilt for my hubby makes me very happy.  It’s made me so happy in fact, that I’m making another day trip to Hamilton to gather some more supplies, because I want to make my grandmother a quilt for Christmas.  Something to keep her warm.

So hopefully my joy will spread and make someone else smile and have a happy day!


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