It’s Friday, I’m sitting at work, trying to get motivated to actually work.  Some days it’s harder than others.  It’s been a week…  I am sitting here trying to decide whether I should regale you with some of whats happened to me this week.  I mean I’m not shy, but do you really want to hear ALL  of the intimate details? I guess I will table that decision and ramble on about other stuff until I decide.

I am trying to plan out our weekend, but frankly I can’t make a decision.  I am so middle of the road today.  There is a poker run tomorrow and given the temps are supposed to be mid 80s versus the 100+ they have been this week that is sounding like a good time.  Con? I am so glad you asked, the run starts at 10 a.m. and registration starts at 8 a.m. and it’s in Blue Springs which is about 45 min ride from our house.  So the fly in the ointment? well we are late risers on the weekend and this past weekend we got up at abt 6 a.m. both days.  So the thought of doing that yet again on Saturday makes me want to skip the Poker Run…  

Given the fact the temps are going to be mid 80s or cooler on Sunday as well, that pretty much takes boating out of the running.  It’ll be too cool to hang out on the water.  I do have a list of chores that need to be tackled, plus I’d love to work on my quilts.  I have 1 in progress and 1 I want to start.  Plus I have to finish ironing a current quilt top that I need to drop off at the quilters.  On top of all of this, I’m feeling extremely guilty for not working on my crochet projects that I have in the works.  Well I did manage to get my coupon list done, so I’ll be stopping by CVS to get that done…  Ok now that I’ve taken up your time to prattle on about nothing, I encourage you to have a good time this weekend!


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