I know that when most people read that word they think of the bad connotation, like what guys use to bulk up.  But for those of us that have reached middle age and our bodies have seemingly turned against us, steroids are a God send.

For example, when I get muscle spasms so bad that my muscles feel like rocks and the pain is horrendous, a good dose of medicinal steroids relieves the spasm there by relieving my pain.  I hear news story after story about people becoming hooked on pain killers for the high.  I’ve never understood that because pain killers while they do relieve my pain, for the most part put me to sleep.  Frankly, I’m busy and I have stuff to do.  While I would love to sleep all day, like I did as a teenager, I don’t have the luxury any more.  So if there was going to be a prescribed drug for me to get hooked on, it’d be steroids.  My neck was spasming and I was at the point, after 3 days, of it being unbearable.  I mean I massaged my neck, iced it down, took muscle relaxers and nothing was working.  So off to Urgent Care I went.  They prescribed the steroids for which I was grateful!!!  After my 2nd dose yesterday, the spasm in my neck started to ease, which equaled pain relief.  Today I got up, came to work and I was walking down the hall, I literally had a giddy up back in my step.

I love steroids because it helps all of my daily aches and pains.  I have so much arthritis, bursitis that a good steroid pack helps it all.  So I can walk without pain and it’s glorious!  I sometimes laugh at my internal thoughts, but the thought of trying to scam steroids from the doctor instead of the pain meds everyone wants to get their hands on made me realize that I’m possibly as weird as everyone claims I am.  So needless to say I’m going to enjoy the freedom of the next week or so, until I’m done with my steroid pack.


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