Oh boy, a woman talking about feelings.  I can feel the men (that don’t even read this) cringing from here.  I like the good feelings (who doesn’t right?) happiness, gratitude, contentment, love just to name a few.  People do almost anything to obtain just even 1 of these feelings.  Then you have side B, which is a reference anyone born after the 80s won’t understand, but it means on the other hand.

With the good feelings come the bad ones.  Shame, anger, hurt and many more.  For every good feeling you have, there is an opposite one.  I wonder why that is? When I’m doing my commute back and forth from work, my mind whirs along most days it’s mundane things, my to do list, laundry, cooking dinner etc.  Some days it’s fantasy thoughts (wink, wink) need I say more?  And then there are the days that my mind just seems to remember every bad choice I’ve ever made.  Every tear I’ve ever shed and every mortifying moment that can bring me to tears in the snap of a finger.  Why does my mind torture me so?   Also when I’ve upset someone close to me, a friend a family member why does my body make my stomach upset and I’m upset to the point of nausea?

While I enjoy riding the high of the “good” feelings, sometimes I wish that there was a switch to shut off or at least take a break from the “bad” ones.  A friend of mine would argue that they do and it’s called medication.  I giggle as I type this (yes I amuse myself).  Well the one thing I do tell myself is…  This too shall pass.


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