2 inches people!

Ok remember when I said there was some crazy stuff that runs across my brain? Well I think I’ve just had the dumbest thought of all!

Well here it goes, hope your sides don’t hurt from laughing.  But you know how when you get a 6 inch sub for Subway, after you get done eating your still hungry?  Or like when you’re done with chinese food you’re hungry an hour later?  Well that’s my story…  So today when my boss and I ran out for lunch, we decided to go to Quiznos to change it up.  Well their regular sandwich is 8 inches…  Well I pigged out and I ate the whole 8 inches.

Now my tummy is miserable because of 2 inches!!!  I mean seriously if I had eaten at Subway and only ate 6 inches worth of meat and bread I’d be hungry!  Well it’s one of the mysteries of life, I guess!


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