I know that everyone out there has been stricken by a Charlie Horse at least once in life.  You’re laying there or walking somewhere and your calf just clenches so hard you feel like you could pee your pants right on the spot!

Ever since my thyroid was removed and I’m now on medication to replace those hormones I’ve been in cramp hell.  For example, I went to the bathroom and when I bent to wipe myself, the muscles across my ribs started cramping.  Just an FYI it hurts like hell.  So I spent at least 10 minutes after using the bathroom, bent over and rubbing my ribs like a crazy person trying to relieve the cramp that had seized the muscle over my ribs.  The sad part is I never know what movement I’m doing will cause a cramp.  For example, I was driving home the other night, I looked over my shoulder so I could back out of the parking spot I was in and the muscles in my neck started cramping.  So all the way home I was massaging my neck just to try and relieve the pain and possibly the cramp.

As you know my hubby and I enjoy riding our motorcycle a LOT, but even just getting on the bike will sometimes cause my hips to cramp.  So for about 10 minutes on the bike I’m whimpering and rubbing my hip trying to get the cramp to loosen so I can enjoy the ride on the motorcycle.  I could go on, but frankly I don’t want to bore you any longer.   For those out there who have the same issues I do with their thyroid meds I feel immense sympathy for you.


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