Role Reversal

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything.  I’ve been on vacation.  It was a wonderful 9 days that I got to spend with the hubby.  It also was hilarious!  I have to preface this with some history.  My hubby and I ride on our 2011 Harley Davidson Road King Classic.  It’s a touring bike, meant for long trips (wink, wink).  But! the passenger seat is horrible.  After about an hour of riding my ass is on fire!   It hurts so bad I’m tapping my hubby’s shoulder while yelling “Butt Break!” in his ear, so he knows to pull over so I can get off of the bike and give my aching back side a rest.  Since neither one of us really like the Road King as a bike, we’ve been discussing getting a different bike.  But honestly what kind? One that was not going to cause the same types of issues?  Unlike a test drive on a car you can’t ride a bike long enough on a “test” ride to discover what the comfort factor is.  If in fact you get to ride at all, some places won’t let you test ride the bikes because some people just shouldn’t be riding a motorcycle.

So as discussions went on and on (it’s 2017 and we’ve been discussing trading our bike in since 2011) you do the math?!?! We didn’t want to buy another bike only to hate it 2 weeks out, so what do you do? Why you rent a bike of course! We thought this was an awesome solution, cheaper than buying a new bike yet giving us the answers we were so desperately seeking.  Great solution right? Wrong!  There was no place to rent anything other than a Harley within an 8 hour drive of us!!!   We knew they rented Harley’s in Kansas City, which we later found out they don’t even rent those anymore.  But the only places we could find that would rent any other type of motorcycle was in Nashville, TN, Denver, CO and Dallas, TX.  All an 8 hour drive from our fair city.

So we planned our 1 week vacation around driving the 8 hours to Nashville, renting a bike we’d never ridden before and riding it long enough to find out whether we liked it enough to buy one.  We have friends who live outside Atlanta which was only 4 hours away from Nashville.  So that was our destination.  We rented the Honda Goldwing first.  Now I have to say as a die hard Harley enthusiast since I was little, it rubbed my Harley soul to get on said Goldwing but I grit my teeth and hopped on.  My hubby literally hung his head in shame around other Harley’s that we encountered on our trip to Atlanta, silently chanting the whole way “It’s only a rental”.  As for the ride itself I was in hog heaven (pun intended) my butt didn’t twinge the entire trip.  In fact on gas stops where previously I would’ve been jumping off the bike, I literally just sat back and waited for the hubby to get back on.  Now the hubby who normally didn’t have a word to say, who rode in complete comfort from his comfy riders seat on the front of the bike was literally according to him in hell.  The Goldwing didn’t have highway pegs for him to extend his legs, so when his knees started hurting there was nothing he could to relieve the pain.  Therefore his legs went numb from the knee down causing him to stumble at our first stop after riding for sometime on the highway.  Plus his poor back side and other bits (I won’t elaborate but will allow the use of the readers imagination) were in agony.  It was such a role reversal that I literally laughed out loud.  At which point I felt bad because I knew the pain he had to be feeling.  So while I tried to be sympathetic I was quite enjoying my first pain free ride on a long trip!!! So despite the shame at hearing the bike sound like an angry mosquito when my hubby revved the engine, I enjoyed the state of my butt when I got off the bike…

We also rented an Indian Roadmaster, while not as comfy as the Goldwing it was closer to a Harley so it didn’t hurt as bad to ride.  It wasn’t as comfy as the Goldwing, but way comfier than the Harley.  But again my hubby was a butt hurt and that’s literally not the slang meaning of today.  So while he liked neither of the bikes, I was in love and disappointment.  We have 1 more bike that we want to try and that’s a Harley Road Glide Ultra, we thought we’d be able to rent locally but now in order to ride one of those we will have to make a 3 hour trip to get to a rental place…

I will have to update you on that rental once it takes place, keep your fingers crossed.


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