I don’t know.

I don’t know why I’m choosing today to write.  I haven’t written in a few days, no reason just nothing rolling around my gray matter that needed to be shared.  But today doesn’t make sense.  I have a headache that is killing me, my knee is in agony I can’t walk and I think I’m getting sick.  All the while I’m sitting at my desk squinting at my monitor to try and get some work done.

I’ve been thinking about topics to write about but can’t seem to pull them together.  I was literally blogging to myself in the shower the other day.  I was thinking about being censored.  How I am doing it to myself.  For instance, I try not to cuss in my writing.  Why? you ask, well I don’t know.  I mean I cuss like a sailor when I speak so why not when I write?   Also in this day and age of social media I try not to fall into the abbreviations we all seem to use on a daily basis, such as LOL, IDK etc…  Which honestly is horribly hard given that I write LOL a LOT during the day as I text back and forth with all of my friends and family.

I still find myself following the typing rules I learned in high school, which I was horrified to learn, was 25 years ago.  I space twice after a period, once after a comma.  I type the word “and” instead of using “&”.  It’s little things like that, that I cling to.  So am I censuring myself?

Well one good thing, I’m leaving work early for a doctor’s appointment hopefully he will make my knee feel better!  Fingers crossed.


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