The search continues…

It’s amazing to me how you come up with a simple idea and try to execute it, only to find out it’s way more complicated than you ever thought it could be.  Here is my idea, my husband likes to spend time at the lake during the summer.  In previous years we would move our RV up to the lake & stay there for the summer.  Now for me that presents a longer drive to and from work.  Also because it is NOT full hook ups, I have to empty and cart the portable poop tank back and forth from the dump station.  Not to mention that it’s more expensive even without the full hook ups.  So my idea was to stay in our current spot in town and get a truck camper (you know those campers that fit in the bed of your truck) and use that to camp at the lake on the weekends, should we choose to.

Well come to find out there are NO dealers in the Kansas City area.  Also the used campers we find online are outrageous in price, yet despite this fact, are selling faster then we can even reach out to the people selling them!!!  So I’m reduced to checking and on a daily basis to find a unit that we can afford, because we refuse to pay full price for a new one!  What I thought was a cheap alternative to a tent, is an expensive side hobby!!!

A brand new truck camper ranges from $19,000 on the cheap end to $55,000 on the high end…  I mean seriously???  For that kind of money you can buy a travel trailer or a 5th wheel for that matter!!!  At one point I found a great camper on Craigs List, emailed the hubby and by the time he looked at his email 3 hours later, it was already gone! In fact today I looked at RV Trader, sent an email requesting a price quote and the unit has already been sold (sigh) so the search continues!!!


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