How was your weekend?

I don’t have anything interesting to write about today.  No profound thoughts bouncing around in my head.  Nothing funny or even remotely interesting.  Hell even my weekend was a total snooze fest.  My vision goes through phases where it’s completely blurry no matter where I look and then other days it’s nice and crisp.  Well this weekend was nice and blurry so that didn’t help at all.

Me and the hubby love sleeping in on the weekends, but lately we’ve taken it to another level.  We usually don’t get up till noon at the earliest 1 or 2 in the afternoon at the latest.  This is both Saturday and Sunday.  I mean I know our weeks are busy and we are exhausted after a busy week, but seriously? In the past we would usually be up around 10 or 11 in the morning and that was good enough but now? Well who knows if it’s just winter blues, full blown depression or just shear exhaustion?

Saturday we went to my step sons house and brewed beer.  Or my hubby and step son did, I sat in his bachelor pad living room and crocheted while watching TV.  When in all honesty I just wanted to dust his furniture, vacuum the carpet and clean the bathroom.  I made a casual comment to this effect and my hubby looked at me and said no.  He can clean his own house (sigh).

Sunday we didn’t get up till 1 p.m. I then made breakfast (yes I know) and started laundry.  I puttered around the house doing a chore here and there, only to resume my seat in the recliner and watch a movie I’d popped in.  Then all of the sudden hubby stands up and says lets go ride the bike.  So I got up we both got dressed and headed out.  That’s the extent of my weekend.  Who knew?


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