Hello to my peeps…

Hallelujah!  It’s Friday and I’m so happy about that.  Despite the fact I had to look up how to spell hallelujah and I’m on day 5 of a headache from hell, I’m happy the weekend is almost here.

Today is Revenge of the 5th.  Yes I’m a Star Wars fan, I sent out the appropriate May the 4th be with you memes yesterday.  I watched the Empire Strikes Back in honor of Star Wars Day and today I’m ignoring Cinco De Mayo in favor of Revenge of the 5th.  Mainly because I ate Mexican food last night so…

It’s been a long hard week, I’ve written about some of it already so I won’t bore you with the details, but it hasn’t gotten any better.  As I said, I am 5 days into a migraine/headache that won’t go away.  My back is spasming like crazy, even went to the chiropractor last night and woke up this morning only to have a nice quick spasm as I was getting ready for work.

I keep asking my boss to shoot me, she laughs thinking I’m joking but at this point I’m being serious.  Just put me out of my misery, wouldn’t that be an act of mercy? It’s supposed to be a nice weekend, so I’m hoping me and the hubby can get out and do something, although what I don’t know.  Of course between his gout flaring up, my feeling like death warmed over we haven’t done much.  Exhaustion is a bitch!

Happy Friday!  Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Happy Revenge of the 5th! I think I’ve covered all the bases.


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