Here lately I seem to cry at the drop of a hat.  I was just reading a book, it’s part of a series that I absolutely love.  I’ve read the series several times, yes it’s that good.  It’s got sad parts in the books, but nothing gut wrenching…  I’ve never cried before yet today as I was reading on my lunch, I came to a part that today made me tear up.

It made me think about the last couple of weeks.  If I’m watching a TV show or a movie, I see a remotely sad part or someone tear up on screen or in print it automatically triggers my tears.  I’m not pregnant (thank goodness) and I haven’t hit menopause yet (I don’t think) so what other reason could there be?

My life is stressful, but frankly the stress level isn’t all that high right now.  I am upset about my grandmother (she has lung cancer) but it’s hormonal so per the doctor treatment should be very successful.  I miss my son (for reasons I can’t blog about) but other than that things are pretty normal in my life right now.  Although as I type that it makes think what one would consider normal?

I work with crazy people, a couple I adore and a couple I hate.  Which that causes me upset because I don’t want to “hate” people to me life is short and that’s harsh.  But this person deserves the “hate”.  I try to keep it to myself because I don’t like hating anyone and frankly since I have to spend 40 hours a week with this person it makes my life easier to “fake till I make it”.

But anyway hopefully the tears will take a break, because what little makeup I manage to apply in the morning needs to stay put.


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