I was thinking about milestones this weekend.  Nothing in particular, just the basic run of the mill stuff.  The age milestones: 16 for your drivers license, 18 and graduation and voting.  Then the major one 21 so you can legally drink (wink, wink).  After 21 the age milestones get a little longer and less important.  30 and then the big 50 the half century mark…

Then there are the non age related milestones: Graduation, marriage, children, retirement…  then what? My husband and I are at a point where we don’t have many milestones left to hit and/or look forward to.  Now the hubby is getting ready to turn the big 5-0!   Of course if he has his way, he ignores his birthday so I’m not sure what pointing out that he’s 50 will do to help convince him to let me celebrate this one.

We are middle aged, empty nesters working the last few years so we can retire.  Uncle Sam is taking a bite out of our asses for this at the moment, so that particularly hurts but again I ask what next? I am generally a positive person (at least I try) and this particular thought isn’t bringing me down, but having hit the majority of my milestones I wonder what I’ll have to look forward to? My mind tends to lean toward the morbid, I do have to work some to be positive.  Or at the minimum I try and find a silver a lining to hold on to, because being down, upset or in general not happy makes my stomach hurt.

Right now I’m working on life to get to retirement.  Once we retire the hubby and I plan to live like nomads in our RV.  Doing the work camp thing for funds to supplement our pension.  But that’s 9 years away and once we hit that milestone of retirement will us being nomads be enough?  Are our lives that hinged on milestones? Just makes me wonder.


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