What would you do?

Just watched an episode of an old sitcom.  One part of the episode was the age old, money appears in your bank account several thousand dollars and no one knows but you.  The character withdrew the money, but was so guilt ridden he returned the money to the bank.  I always wonder what would I do in situations like that.  Would I return the money? Or would I spend and chuckle at pulling the wool over the eyes of the “man”?

Like the rest of America I watch a LOT of TV, movies especially.  I always put myself in the situations and wonder what I would do…  The hubby and I were watching The Walking Dead, I looked over at the hubby and asked, would we be one of the survivors? or one of the walking dead trying to eat the survivors…  He looks at me rolls his eyes and says “We’d be the first ones dead and trying to eat everyone else.”  Of course my fatalistic husband says that about everything.

We’ve watched movies from the 1600’s etc…  I ask would we be surfs? Or Royalty? He again rolls his eyes, “We would be surfs of course.” So I always wonder what would you do if some of the TV scenarios and/or movie scenarios happened to you in real life? Would you keep or spend the money? Would you steal the money just because you could? Would you pick up and leave? The list is never ending, but I still always wonder…


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