What is your dream job?

I’m 43 years old.  I have 2 associates degrees.  One is in General Business the other is in Network Securities.  Yet I’m working at the phone company as a billing specialist for major business accounts across the country.  I’ve been at the phone company for 21 years now.  In fact the phone company is the one who paid for my education, yet they don’t use it.  That fact has always amused me greatly.

I’ve read several articles that state as an adult I will change my career 7 times over the course of my lifetime.  I don’t think I fit in that statistic.  My job is easily transferable overseas.  I’ve lived in fear for most of my adult life that my job will be outsourced.  I’ve often dreamed of changing jobs to something more service related that will not be as easily transferred overseas.  But what?  What about cutting hair? But the cost of that is high!!! Also location wise none of the schools are in proximity to me so…  I’ve already went to college twice, do I really want to go again? But if I want to change my career like statistics say I should I’d have to…  I don’t want to work as a Walmart greeter so…

Actually I was thinking I’d like to be a movie critic, but then I’d have to see movies I don’t want to see.  I’ve often thought of being a nurse because I do love helping people, but I just don’t have the stomach for things that bleed and go squish.  I’m more of a beep and click type person, hence the degree in Network Securities.

My husband changes jobs and it fascinates me.  When we met he had just started at a company and last year 8 years later he changed companies again.  It scared me just to think about it.  I wasn’t even changing jobs and I was more nervous than he was.  That made me laugh too.

I’ve always wanted to turn my hobbies into a money making career, but frankly I don’t work at a speed that would allow me to do that.  I love to sew and crochet and I know of people that are making a living at it, but I don’t think I would be able to, because I don’t have the speed and agility that would allow me to.

Oh well, guess I’ll keep on thinking.


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