I was sitting here at work, slowly but surely getting things done.  Setting up the days to do lists in my head, listening to the radio.  As all this was going on, I suddenly was overtaken by a wave of tired contentment.

You know that feeling the flows out from the center of yourself?  It’s not a BIG feeling, it’s just a feeling of warmth that spreads out through your limbs.  You sigh and feel like you need a nap.  It’s just a nice, warm and cuddly feeling.  I am really digging this feeling this morning because for whatever reason I’ve been a little anxious and on edge since last night.  No major reason for the anxiety it just sometimes over takes me, but then it stops and I get this feeling that I need a nap.  While it’s not convenient the need to nap takes place while I’m sitting at my desk at work, but hey it’s better then stomach clenching nausea and worry.

I do get to leave a couple of hours early today, got a chiropractor appointment and get to drop of taxes.   Nothing like waiting till the last minute, but at least I’m not late (wink, wink).  I was discussing taxes with the hubby last night and we are wondering what we can do about them.  For most of my 20s and 30s I have always gotten a refund.  But having said that my children were little and living at home, now we don’t get the child credit anymore, we have no dependents living at home…  Hell we no longer own a house, we do own our RV, which we do get to deduct the interest but…  Sigh, the last couple of years we’ve mainly owed the IRS.  I mean seriously? We aren’t rich by any stretch, we aren’t poor either, but we are still living paycheck to paycheck so…  I don’t understand why we owe.  We’ve taken steps for the last 3 years to change stuff but still…


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