To blog or not to blog, that is the question?

Wow it’s only Thursday and here I am blogging away.  I got another follower!  Every time I get that email it makes me want to do a happy dance! I also checked out my new followers blog because when I read her info she sounded very interesting.   She has over 10,000 followers and I’m like WOW!  As I was reading her blogs I noticed that she tries to help with her blogs.  She gives tips and advice.  Is that how or why she has so many followers? I don’t know, but I would assume yes.

Then there is another blog I follow where it’s a woman who blogs about her life, family etc…  I like reading her blog because even though she basically blogs about every day stuff I enjoy how she tries to look on the upside of life.  She celebrates the little things and frankly I love that.  I try to do the same in the big wide world of negativity and it’s nice to share that with someone.  Even if it is as indirect as reading someones blog.

So on the one hand I dream of having a ton of followers who enjoy reading the craziness that runs across my brain and quite frankly it’s nuts in there! On the other hand I’m like if I get that many followers then I’d need to be on my game every time I blog.  I enjoy writing in this blog, I also like going back in the past and rereading previous blogs, some of them make me laugh, some of them make me cringe and some just make me shake my head as I realize that I’ve written some pretty stupid stuff that should’ve been left in the desert of my mind.

Well back to work!  Have a great day!


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