Memories, I think…

I was sitting at my desk at work.  My mind is half on my work and the other half thinking of things that I’d love to shop for on the internet.  I keep thinking no!  I must focus on my job, so I continue working.  Once I’ve completed the task I’m like ok I’m going to jump over to the internet and at least browse the internet for the items I am interested in.  As I click on the internet icon to browse my mind goes horribly blank.  I’ve reached a point in life that if I don’t do something I will literally forget what I was going to do.  People laugh at me for my obsessive to do lists, or my lists in general.  I’ve got a friend who literally laughs her butt off at me because I plan even the littlest event out.  Even our couponing I plan it…

I also just read a post on here about bruises that were discovered but they don’t know where they got them from.  I can totally relate because I’m the exact same way.  I get bruises everywhere and don’t know where they came from…  There are parts of my life that are slowly but surely slipping away.  I don’t mean that in a depressing sort of way that it sounds like… It’s just an interesting aspect to how things go as you get older.  I think back to the way life used to be even 10 years ago.  Things change and I haven’t decided if it’s good or bad yet.  I think I’m reserving judgment.


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