Fat… guilt…

Ok here it is…  I’m Fat!   I’ve been fat for most of my life.   I was pudgy as a kid, but managed to lose weight in highschool.  I was jogging every day and felt great.  But then I got pregnant and married.  I gained weight with my daughter, then a couple of years later I got pregnant again and gained more weight.  Didn’t bother to lose any of the weight, I mean I was married with 2 kids why bother?

Then a few years ago I got the gastric bypass surgery done.  Which was great!  I lost over a 100 pounds! Happy Dance!

Then I got divorced and then I got married again.  After I got married, I went on a diet and lost some weight.  I was doing ok, then my thyroid was removed.  Then I had surgery on my leg and my foot.  Then I started gaining weight.  At first I was fighting it, but the pain was too much.   So I sat around on my rapidly expanding ass.

I finally got my fat ass into gear.  I started exercising.  I figured out what was causing some of the pain and have been slowly but surely making some changes.  One of those changes is I am seeing a hypnotist.  She helped me quit smoking and I’ve been seeing her about the weight loss…  I don’t know if it’s working or not.  I do know that I ate 2 donuts today and I feel horribly guilty!


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