Typical Monday…

Well my Grandma turned 84 this weekend.  We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch, which was nice.  Spent most of the weekend at home with the hubby puttering around getting a little of this and a little of that done.  Pretty uneventful so that was nice.  

Tonight is our last one on one class with the new pilates instructor, so that’ll be nice.  My friend Deb is sick so no sewing tonight.  My boss is having major melt downs…  She has had the weekend from hell and her soon to be ex husband who is bipolar is wreaking havoc this morning.  I’m so glad that I’m no longer married to a bipolar alcoholic.  It has definitely improved my life.

I’m trying to get my lists together but either my list has decreased or I’m just too scatter brained to put a good list together.  Ah Monday!  Also to add to the hell that a standard Monday brings, it’s severly gray outside…  Raining like the plumbing has broken and no end in site.

Well hopefully Tuesday will be a better day.  


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