Friends and sore limbs…

I have a friend that I love dearly, but right this second I’d love to rip her hair out by the roots.  She’s my workout buddy, but she’s recently gotten us kicked out of a pilates studio that I really enjoyed attending.  But after some careful thought of treatment by the owner and some others I’m not super upset about not being able to attend that studio any longer.

I was able to locate us another studio to go to, we had our first initial training session with the owner.  I guess last week’s fiasco is still fresh because during our session last night my friend was running her mouth and I sincerely wanted to tell her to shut up.  When I was asked by the current owner why we left our other studio and I diplomatically said “personal conflict” because I didn’t want to bias this person against my friend.  I discussed this with my friend and she was “fine” with it or so she said.  But as we were working out and talking to this new lady my friend was running her mouth and such.  I was mentally rolling my eyes and genuinely wishing I could tell her to shut up.

We did a short work out on what is referred to as a “pilates” machine.  At first I was skeptical but after the workout I have to say I’m a little stiff this morning.   Because of that I’m more open to this new studio, of course I will have more of an opinion after a couple more sessions and couple of more classes.

I maybe fat and middle aged, with no thyroid and bad arthritic joints but dammit I’m trying and I am developing muscles, so hopefully soon the fat will start to decrease.  Although after the upset of last week, I’ve been eating like crap the last few days so…  will have to get back on that bandwagon.

It’s never too late to try and do the right thing…  it might just take you longer to see results.  I am trying to keep the faith in my friend and exercise so keep your fingers crossed.


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