Boo boo & drama

Ok let’s address the boo boo first.  We were trying to load our motorcycle back into the trailer.  As I was operating the winch pulling the bike up the ramp, the strap holding it in place gave way.  The bike started to fall toward me and my dumb ass, tried to catch the 800 pounds of motorcycle.  Hence the reason I’m bruised from armpit to wrist, plus I was knocked on my butt so I have a bruise there too.  Luckily this is as serious as my injuries get and the bike is fine too…  Husband is angry that we are still having issues with our ramp, but otherwise we are all ok.

Now for the drama!  Last night my friend Brandy and I were at the gym working out.  Brandy got upset for some reason because she felt the trainer, also the owner wasn’t paying enough attention to her and her technique as she worked out.  I tried to get her to calm down and help her, but to no avail.  She proceeded to get more and more angry and then yelled at the owner/trainer of the gym.  We then waited till the end of class for our weekly meeting with the trainer/owner and after the weigh in & measurements the owner proceeded to tell us that due to Brandy’s outburst she wanted us to leave & never return to her gym.  I was dumb founded because while Brandy’s outburst is not acceptable,  I didn’t do anything!  Brandy apologized all over herself, started crying and finally convinced the owner to let us finish out the month before a final decision is made.  I am stunned and hurt because my friend put us in this position.  I am also hurt that the owner of the gym is including me in all of this  when I didn’t do anything to contribute to this.  So I talked to the hubby last night and I will wait for the dust to settle and talk to Amy a.k.a the owner and see if she will allow me to stay despite whatever she decides to do with Brandy.  I really like this place and it was hard to find and I’m not a gym person, but I do enjoy coming to this place and taking the classes that are offered.  Hopefully my tummy will calm down, this is why I hate drama because my tummy gets all wonky.  Hopefully Amy will allow me to stay at the gym and if she doesn’t allow Brandy to stay hopefully she will understand why I’m staying at this gym without her.


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