Ah yes my blog…

I have a love, hate relationship with my blog.  I love it because I can write about whatever crazy thought is bouncing around in my head.  I hate it because I have to write about whatever crazy thought is bouncing around in my head.

I love reading over past posts where I am witty and funny, because I like to think that the few followers I have (yes I have enough now to say a “few” & I’m overjoyed!) would smile or better yet possibly giggle or chuckle at my witty banter.  On the other hand as I type I do my best to not drop into text mode, in other words I try not to insert LOL or type a smiley emoji at the end of something I think is cute or funny.  Also as I type in my blog I consider this something serious, so I’ve become concerned with grammar, punctuation and spelling.  Things I haven’t been concerned about since highschool english class.

Then there are the days where I’m just tired and feel like crap and all I do is complain and frankly who wants to hear that? So again I’m at the love/hate portion of my blog.  Does everyone go through this? Do you sometimes wonder, what do I have to talk about? Do I keep covering the same topics?  I mean seriously I can’t seem to stop thinking about a zombie apocalypse, is it because I’m The Walking Dead fan?  I know I’ve talked about it before…  I remember when I was going through my vampire phase and every book I read or movie I watched was vampire related.  Now zombie’s have taken over, almost literally so…

I wish that I could say my blog was meaningful or helpful or…  But my kids were kids and they are grown now.  So I don’t have the funny anecdotes that come along with kids at home.  My husband travels a lot for his job, so not a whole lot of material there either.  It’s just me and my hobbies, so I hope that those of you that are following me get a giggle every now and then.


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