Busy, busy, busy…

You know I’ve often wondered if the mundane tasks that I make myself busy for is worth it?  I don’t mean to be morbid, but sometimes I wonder if this trip to the post office is worth it? I won’t be remembered for it, so why bother? Other times I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that I get after I complete one of my seemingly never ending to do lists.

I have recently acquired a good old fashioned pen pal.  I know it’s crazy right? In this day and age of modern technology where the entire world is right at my finger tips, why would I choose to take pen to paper and write a letter and put it in “snail mail” to have to wait for it’s receipt and then wait for it’s return? Well…  I do it because I enjoy the excitement of NOT getting a bill in the mail, of the anticipation of opening the envelope and reading what that person has to say.  Also she’s a fellow crocheter so we discuss that as well.

As I was writing back to my recently acquired pen pal it occurred to me just how busy I really am.  For example take today, I have my 9 hours at work, then I have my mammogram appointment, then I’m picking up my friend for our cardio class at the gym.  On our way there I’m selling an item on FB which I have to drop off…  Then I am running to my grandmother’s to drop off shawl for her church ladies and also to give her the wig information she asked me to locate for her on the internet.  She’s getting ready to start chemo for her lung cancer and she wants to make sure and have her wig ready before hand.  And last but not least I have to swing by my coupon connections house to get this weeks batch of  coupons so I can clip and file and go couponing.  I’m tired already!


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