Hello world!

Ah yes the trials and tribulations of Daylight Savings Time.  While I do enjoy the extra hour in the fall it still just makes my schedule wonky for a few days.  I really hate losing the hour in the spring, despite the later sunset.  Because again it screws with my schedule.

This winter has been crazy!!!  I mean seriously we have had tornadoes and snow in the same week!!!  I can’t wait for 1 season to take hold and be that season…  The flip flopping is getting absurd.

Other than feeling twitchy because of the time change, no other major events to write about…  I’m trying not to complain because I’ve found that I’m doing that way too much…  But that leaves the topics of conversation rather limited.  I mean seriously, who wants to hear about what hopelessly old shows I’m rewatching on Hulu? While I love crocheting and sharing my gifts with family and friends and I am starting to sell a few items, it’s not exactly a spectator sport so…



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