It’s Friday and my mind is blank.  I thought I should write something for my blog today, it’s been a few days.  But my mind is woefully blank.  I don’t have any witty thoughts that need to be shared with the world.  I don’t have any drama that’s currently at the fore front of my mind.  Work is ok, family is ok, to do list is nice and cozy so…  What do I say?

One thing I’ve been doing this morning is searching the Missouri and Kansas unclaimed property websites to see if myself, family and/or friends have any unclaimed money waiting to come home…  I had a little, hubby had a little, daughter had a little…  A few friends did as well.  It’s worth a search definitely.

Received a phone call from the Imaging place wanting me to make an appointment for my annual mammogram.  So that’s been the most exciting event in my Friday so far.


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