I felt that I should write something today.  Why, you ask? Well for once I’m not ready to complain for the next 3 paragraphs and depress everyone on the world wide web.  Or as us old fogies call it the interweb…

Tonight my friend and I are going to a screening/Pure Romance party for the new 50 Shades of Grey movie.  I will admit that I am one of the millions who love the 50 Shades of Grey books.  I may be 43 and a grandmother but will admit that yes I still like to get my freak on.  I am NOT that old (wink, wink).

Tomorrow night I am celebrating my 20 years at my job.  It’s my boss, me, hubby and a work friend going to the movie cinema suites where you get served dinner and drinks while watching the movie.  All at the companies expense.

Also it’s supposed to be almost 70 degrees this Saturday so the hubby and I were discussing what we were going to do…  Fishing? Motorcycle riding? I don’t know but we will see I know he will want to get out of the house because we’ve been cooped up for too long because it’s been too cold.

Oh and another update…  I thought I had arthritis in my hips which was causing me considerable pain.  Went for a 2nd opinion and I do have a touch of arthritis but that’s not what was causing my pain, I have bursitis and with a steroid shot I’m not pain free but it’s been reduced by I’d say at least 80% so…  Finally!  Am having a happy week!


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