Politics, to be or not to be…

I am very tired of the political rhetoric.  I had to be bombarded with political propaganda for almost 2 years prior to the election.  I longed for the election, because I thought as in the past that the mud slinging and everything associated with the election would fade away.  I’d be able to watch TV without getting a headache over which politician had egg on their face that day.

I believe in the democratic process.  I believe in voting for what you want.  I also believe that if enough people don’t agree with me that what I want isn’t going to pass.  I don’t feel the need to riot or protest if I don’t win.  I would never in my life step on the flag that represents our country.  I would never say the man who was elected “is not my president”.  I believe that everyone has a right to their opinion.  I also believe that just because you don’t agree with me, doesn’t give me the right to shove my opinion down your throat.

I like to browse on Facebook, me and millions of others right? Well I don’t like being bombarded with political images, rhetoric, rage or stupidity.  It would be nice if people would respect my feelings.  I do my best to respect the opinion of others.  I mean we are all allowed this freedom right? Or am I wrong?   Because frankly in this day and age I don’t feel like I can have my own thoughts.  If I’m a straight, white, married, working woman I’m in the wrong.  If I’m not LGBT, of another race, not single or disabled in some way then my voice or thoughts are wrong.  If I go to dinner, I’m a horrible person because instead of buying myself dinner, I should be giving my money to a refugee.  If I don’t want to pee in a public bathroom I’m committing a hate crime against someone who is identifying as someone else.

I know it’s naive but can’t we all just get along? I thought that was what political correctness was about, respecting others feelings.  I hope the dust settles soon, because I feel like I live  in a great country and I’d love to see it again.


5 thoughts on “Politics, to be or not to be…

  1. Respectfully, I disagree with some of what you said. I don’t think people are saying you are wrong just because you are white/straight/married etc. I have not seen that anywhere at least. It does sound good to say “can’t we all just get along” and I would argue that that’s what most people want. The problem is that not everyone is in that position and in particular, the people you mentioned (not white/lgbt/disabled etc) are the ones who fall into that category. They (we) don’t have the luxury of ignoring the policies/restrictions etc that are put in place because their (our) every day lives are severely affected by them. So yes, people feel very passionately about certain issues and they have every right to voice their concerns and/or protest what they see as an attack on their rights. We are lucky to live in such a country. As I sit here and type, one of the things I am worried about is whether or not my children and I will still have health insurance by the time our current President is done. I am married. But I am a woman who is married to another woman who works for the government so if they take away or reduce my marriage rights we’ll be in trouble. My sons both get special service sin school due to disabilities and it is important to me that they continue to be protected by the fed govt. So I for one will speak out in hopes of sharing my story and in the hopes that my senator will take people like me into consideration when making their decisions. The things they do have real world repercussions to people like me.


    1. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I would love to have a back and forth because you raise interesting points. I have typed and deleted several sentences, several times because the last thing I want to do is say something that would be construed incorrectly.

      On a personal note, I enjoy reading your blogs about your sons success. It’s a warm and fuzzy feeling that you share with everyone. That’s appreciated.


      1. I wasn’t sure if I should comment on your post or not. But I figure, if you post something online you are inviting conversation 🙂 … I will at the very least always be respectful and open to hearing peoples opinions and offering mine if it will give any insight. I don’t mind debate; but I’m never looking to start ugly arguments or be divisive.

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  2. You are right I always welcome comments 🙂 and I like you am NOT looking to start a war of nastiness via the internet. One thing I’ve always said is that you can’t convey sarcasm via text, so that’s why I try and keep things plain because you can’t “hear” the sarcasm or lack of in the things I say.


  3. Sharrlar, I like your post and i think you raised some interesting points. I would agree with you to an extent that we should accept the outcome of a democratic election; However, after an election where power is changed, there are groups of people that will be at a disadvantage because of this. if nothing else, they should at least be able to protest and voice their discomforts. Even though the indignation some people have towards our country may concern you, I believe that the real problem lies with social media. America has had many protests in our history, most of which being of a greater magnitude than the ones presently. These are usually beneficial as they help form the country more to our liking. Before social media, we could feel detached from these demonstrations if we weren’t involved in them. But now, anyone can take their movement or opinion directly to you. The social aspect of social media is instrumental to it’s downfall. Anyone with an internet connection could theoretically find you and criticize you for your opinions. In any other period of American history, this would not be possible. Instead of criticizing the government, people can now criticize you, even though you did not ask for the burden of these issues. I would suggest becoming slightly more anonymous on social media, and let only your real friends interact with you regularly online. This way, you may be able to eliminate negativity from your life. Do you think that this would work?


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