Dense Fog Advisory…

There is a dense fog advisory in Kansas City this morning.  It was like driving to work through pea soup.  It was hard to see, it was freezing and slippery.  What a delightful start to a Wednesday.  As I was driving at a snails pace to work this morning, it occurred to me that the dense fog advisory is also applying to my brain.

I was ticking off my to do list for the day as usual and quite frankly I was just too blah to be very productive about it.  I just wanted to lay back down and take a nap.  I wanted to call my friend and say hey let’s go to the movies tonight, that way I would get home too late to clean and organize.

I got to work and started to text and email and everything else I could think of to avoid working.  Even though my monthly deadline ends today.  As I was going to fill my water jug for the day I started mentally blogging, which is usually how my blogs start, but even that didn’t get very far before I just shut down because I’m pooped.  I think the most productive thing I’ve done today is picture a gray fog rolling across my brain.

I wonder why in the winter months you feel so tired all of the time? Depressed? Cabin fever? I mean I know the basic answer, short days, cold temperatures. But I just wonder why that translates into a dense fog advisory in our minds?


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