Busy, busy, busy…

I thought after the holidays that life would slow down.  The dust would settle, the rush of getting things done would be derailed because there was no longer the looming deadline of December 25th.

Oh how wrong I appear to be.  My to-do list is forever growing.  It’s not decreasing at all, in fact I seem to be adding things weekly if not daily to my list.  My top pressing issue is the Friendship Blanket.  I’ve got 7 more crochet granny squares to complete and get in the mail.  Once I receive all 27 then I’ve got to put a border on them and assemble.  My sewing list is (stop to pull out hair) maintaining despite the fact that once a week I congregate with a couple of friends and we sew.  My debt free list is decreasing just not at a rate that I would like ( but hell does it ever?)

So basically right now my life is work, working out, crocheting and cleaning.  Again I can hear my husband saying “You create your stress!” Sometimes I understand what he means other times I’m like “what?” As I sit here at my desk after completing a dozen “little” tasks this morning my mind is racing ahead with things I need to complete during a certain time frame, which in my mind stretches out as far as March at this point! Grrr, I need medication (just kidding or am I)?


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