The hubby and I are watching American Greed, it’s a TV show that shows how millionaires got there or maintained their lifestyle by ripping off the average blue collar worker.  It’s amazing how important their million dollar lifestyle is to them that they feel they have to steal to maintain it.

We also watched a documentary show earlier this evening about Remington Rifle company.  How one of their guns would shoot when the safety was removed.  It was an issue with the trigger.  It was a known issue that was known from the 1940s but because it was expensive to fix it was hushed up.  I looked at my husband and said “It’s amazing to me that the bottom line of a company is more important than human life.” Oddly enough he looked at me with no shock or amazement in his face and agreed.  I watched a documentary years ago about the airlines that stated there was a safety issue with one of the planes, but that it was decided that it was cheaper to pay out the lawsuits for wrongful deaths than it was to fix the problem.  I mean why is money so much more important?  

Sometimes I feel so naive because I honestly feel like, why can’t we all just get along?  Is it so hard to care for other people? Hell at this point I would just settle for common courtesy.  


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