Winter, depressing? Or is it just me?

It’s 1:18 a.m. and my husband is snoring away next to me.  I’m watching Big Bang Theory on DVD waiting for my meds to kick in.  My hubby talks in his sleep it makes me giggle when he does.  He’s not always understood but his outbursts are funny.

With winter at its strongest, short days, cold winds… I’ve noticed that the hubby and I are very tired and sleep a LOT.  At first I didn’t think much about it because we have crazy schedules.  My husband travels a LOT, which I know I’ve mentioned before (hubby says I repeat myself all the time).  So at first I attributed some of my husbands desire to sleep to that.  But since the holidays are here we’ve had 2 back to back short weeks so I thought for sure this second 3 day weekend he would have a little more energy.  I haven’t really either so…  Am I reaching to far? 

Then I got to thinking and was paniced to realize that the #1 sympton of depression is fatigue.  Also not wanting to go anywhere, although in all fairness with his job I understand his need to be at home.  Sometimes I think I over think things? Plus I’m a classic case of looking up symptoms on the internet only to discover that I’ve got every disease that pops up on the screen.  Why do I have every symptom?  

Well now that we’ve started a new year, I’m hoping that the feeling of renewal will motivate me to shed the old worries, hurts etc. and move on to rosier outlook.  

Happy New Year!


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