Daily Prompt: Festive

via Daily Prompt: Festive

I love the word Festive!  It makes me think of parties and happy people.  I like to be festive, because it makes me want to be happy.  It makes me think of shiny happy people, who are having fun for no other reason than to be having fun!

It also makes me think of holidays.  I wonder why the word festive is associated with holidays? But in my mind it is.

I often sit and wonder how some words came to be.  Who sat around one day, said festive and thought “this is good” and it means…  Then said it enough that it caught on and became a word that everyone at least knows if not uses.  I know I could Google the origin etc. but that’s not what intrigues me about it.  It’s the actual thought process someone went through to create the word.


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