And here we go!

Well Christmas has passed another year has come and gone on the Christmas front.  The packages are opened, bad gifts on the way back to the store (wink, wink) the tree has been stored for another year.  The leftover turkey is in the crockpot for the last meal it will serve.  The relatives have gone back home, the alarm clock is turned back on to get us back to work.  Now the countdown to the New Year has started…

Will it be a good year? Will this be the year we win the lottery? Will we become rich and famous? All of our hopes and dreams come true?   What about that list of resolutions? Will we stick to them this year and accomplish all we set out to do?

To me that seems like a lot to put on the strike of the clock that happens once a year.  I prefer to keep it simple and low key.  I usually stay at home these days and ride the recliner as I watch the ball drop on TV.  I might wake the hubby up for this few minutes of anticipation but sometimes not, he has a really hectic schedule after all.

I gave up the resolution list years ago, because A. always listed same things year after year, B. always gave up a few days after the 1st because tired of dealing with the list.  So to save myself from beating myself up for not sticking to my list, I let it go and now my New Years Day is a lot more fun.


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