Scary ideas…

The hubby and I are constantly complaining about being worker bees.  We watch the reality tv craze and wonder how and why.  We see the success stories and wonder could we do this? I see story after story and I think wow…

I see the rehab shows and think, I can do that.  I can flip a house and make a profit!  I see the blog shows and think I can start a funny and smart blog that will get me discovered.  I’ll get a lucrative movie deal and live the rest of my life in luxury.  I watch the inventor  shows and think surely I can think of something that will skyrocket my life into being the CEO of a multi millionaire company.  Hell I even watch the rehab shows and think that I can do that!  I mean it’s just me and the hubby, plodding to work 40 hours a week.  We are the standard middle class worker.  Nothing exciting here.

I mean I want to retire and travel.  But at the rate we are going won’t be able to retire until I’m in the grave.  Even then it’ll be like 5 minutes after I die I’ll still be working.  I’ve talked to the hubby about having the balls to do something risky all in the name of making money.  There is a house that is for sale cheap and I think we should flip, but it’s in an area that I’m not sure we would make any money trying to flip.  The hubby was talking about turning it into a rental property and then I found a few other properties that we could turn into several rental properties.  Should we take the chance?  My hubby goes back & forth on the opinion.  I think we should jump in.

I guess after I get some tax information and see how that works.  We shall see what the universe decides.


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