Fictional characters…

I love to read.  I have since I was a child and I was banished to the library by my teacher, because I talked to much in class.  She would send me to the library to help the librarian so the other children in the class could get their work done in silence.

I would get the books filed away in the library and then since I would start talking again, the librarian then assigned me to read a book and do a report.  I picked a book that I loved and read it again and again.  That started my love of reading.  I would take a book to every class and when I would get done with my work I would pull out my book and read.  So I guess my teacher got lucky in her quest to shut me up.

As I grew up I would find books that I fell in love with the characters.  I would buy those books and read them over and over again.  Some books I read so many times they actually fell apart and I would have to buy another copy.  As I became an adult at various times books have over run my living space.  When my husband and I started dating I still had actual books, although I only kept my favorites I still had quite a few.  One of my favorite reading places was the bathroom.  I would pile books up on the toilet and surrounding areas.  He would laugh at me because he would holler that the bathroom was not a library.  Well now that we are living in our RV, we no longer have the real estate for actual books.  I now have my cherished Kindle Fire.  I downloaded my “favorites” and usually I just download the free books because frankly if I purchased all of my reading material I would need to win the lottery to cover the cost.

But my point to all of this, is this…  of my favorite books that I read over and over I actually begin to like and/or love the characters.  I am sad when they are sad, I am happy when they are etc.  I have even shed a tear if the story is sad enough.  Am I nuts? I mean seriously, there are a series of books that I have fallen in love with the male lead.  He is sexy (description is similar to my hubby) go figure.  And his character and strength make me want to jump his proverbial bones.

But I have been rereading a series of books that I found in the free section and this author has done an astounding job of creating a community that I wish I could live in.  Sadly the books have stopped, she sent out an email stating that her “real life” needs to be handled not leaving her time to write anymore stories.  That made me incredibly sad, because I absolutely adore her books.  As I was rereading the one today it made me want to email her and see if it was at all possible for to pick up the series again and bring us yet another story to makes me want to move to California and find these folks.


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