Daily Prompt: Treasure

via Daily Prompt: Treasure

Oh I like treasure.  It makes me think of things “X marks the spot”.  Old maps with creases down the middle on fragile paper that look like they are getting ready to fall apart.  That musty smell that you get whiff of when you open something old.

Then if you want to get mushy (as my husband says about anything emotional) you can think of things in your life that you would consider “treasure”.  For instance your children that you love with all of your heart.  Your spouse that you found after a life time of pain.

Or use it as a verb, as in I “treasure” what you’ve done for me…  So treasure can mean so many things to so many people, but it’s always a good thing…  Even when you’re talking about gold because even owning a LOT of treasure is a good thing.


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