Ah to be young again…

My granddaughter started pre-school today.  I’m so proud of the young girl she is…  She’s beautiful and smart.  She’s not afraid of anything and of that I’m very proud.  She captures the heart of everyone she meets.  It’s something to see.  She’s only 5 years old but she has lived a life time.

My daughter sent me pics of her first day, also a video of her singing with her new class.  It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Preslie and her sister Iris are 2 of my greatest joys in life.  It’s amazing to me how easy it is to love and enjoy 2 little souls like theirs.

I remember going to school, the feel of the new outfit.  The book bag that still had the creases in it from hanging on the rack at the store.  The stiffness of the new shoes.  I’m so glad that Preslie gets to experience that.  I mean it’ll be something she does for the next 12 years, but at the beginning of each year it never gets old.  The newness of it, the unknown of what the new year will bring…  It’s all very exciting.


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