Happy Holidays!

Thanksgiving has passed and we are now on the count down for Christmas and New Years!  My hubby and I stayed home this Thanksgiving.  We did not go to anyone’s holiday dinner.  We avoided family, friends and the like.  On the one hand it was a great holiday.  Nice and quiet.  Stayed in our pj’s all day.  Cooked a traditional holiday meal that we ate sitting in our recliners.

Granted the leftovers were much smaller and since I’m not a good cook, they weren’t very good. But it was just us.  I felt happy, but then I start thinking should I have gone to a family meal? Should I have made the effort?  It seems like there is no answer that satisfies this question.  I mean is it wrong to want to spend a quiet holiday with my husband and no one else? Or should I be compelled to spend it with other members of the family?

My main problem with all of this is my extended family.  Not everyone gets along, so instead of 1 huge family meal, it’s splintered.  My kids don’t get along with my aunt (previous bad blood) and my grandmother will only go to my aunts house for holiday meals…  So 2 meals there, my husband and my kids don’t get along…  My step kids…  we are up to 4 meals!  See what I mean? When did holidays become such a pain? Also everyone else has family obligations as well, so they want to spend holidays bouncing between families too.  Trying to juggle makes my stomach ache and gives me a headache.  Happy Holidays!


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