Daily Prompt: Vigor

via Daily Prompt: Vigor

I tried to read others posts about vigor to get an idea what to write.  I know these one word prompts are supposed to give us bloggers a direction to head for the day…  But frankly it stumps me because I’m not sure what to write about the one word prompt.  I mean some words make me think of things that have happened in my life or the invoke feelings I can discuss or wax poetically about.

Others like the word “vigor” stump me.  I mean what do you say about a word that in this social media society is hardly used anymore? The word “vigor” makes me thing of a more formal time.  When men wore suits and used saucers with their coffee cups.  Before posting a pic of your breakfast burrito was the norm.

I read one bloggers post and this person discussed moving.  Then threw the word vigor in at the end of the post with a list of synonyms.  Which I thought was neat but made me think how does this apply to vigor?  So now that I’ve bored myself and possibly anyone else that reads this, thanks for the one word prompt.


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